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1  : a person who does their own thing in their own unique way
2  : a person acting on their own values or beliefs

Little Shoppe

Custom made, 8-Bit creations, with each "pixel" measuring approx 8mm, backed with a single magnet.

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Link Magnet

Zelda's got NOTHING on this Link custom.  Buy 5 for extra protection.

Turnip Magnet

SMB 2 was the BOMB, don't let anyone say otherwise. #Veggies

Piranha Magnet

GULP!  Jumping piranha just ate you . . . That is all!

Alba-Omb Magnet

A hybrid creation, don't let Albatoss get one over on you. #BobOmb

About Us

        As Bizznitchicuss Entertainment Studios goes into its 21หขแต— year, we would like to personally thank everyone that has helped to make it the success it has become over the the past two decades.  It has been a pleasure meeting everyone out at all the shows, all of the literal zombies and faux partygoers the hours upon hours we've spent on all the film sets, and in all the beautiful cities we've had the gracious pleasure to visit while doing it!
        The BES moniker was originally created as an overhead to manage a life in entertainment in both the film and music industries, as well as to balance time spent on both sides of the camera.  Graphic design, visual effects art, stills photography, acting, journalism, we've done it all, from being featured in major publications to Academy Award
โ„ข winning films,  with artwork displayed on everything from grains of rice to airplane hangars.

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